The PROtect platform has a built-in API for simple integrations with corporate calendars, employee directories, and other systems. The API is a stateless HTTP/JSON API that follows some RESTful principles. It is not a HATEOAS API. Please contact your account manager to get the full API documentation guide.

URI RootPurpose
/api/v1/resourceContains all RESTful resources (collections of types, access to individual resources by ID, custom finders)
/api/v1/projectionCustom views as required by client apps. Ask for one of these when your app would otherwise have to make many requests for RESTful resources, or needs embedded objects.
/api/v1/actionEndpoints for non-RESTful server actions, such as login and logout.
/api/v1/webhookEndpoints meant to be called by third party services such as Twilio or Stripe.