Running the App

  • What do I need to run the app?

    All you need is an Apple or Android smartphone running at least iOS 10 for iPhones, or KitKat (4.4) for Android phones. To get the most out of the PROtect app, your device should have a default calendar and contact list set up. The PROtect app uses data, so you will also need a cellular plan that includes a data allowance.

  • How do I connect the app to my calendar?

    When you install the app, you will be asked to allow it to connect automatically to your calendar. Simply choose “yes”. This allows you to PROtect any activity in your calendar and set an alarm timer.

Timer and Alarm

  • How do I set the timer?

    You can choose to PROtect yourself in advance or in the moment by setting a countdown timer for any amount of time. You can include an appropriate amount of time to be able to cancel the SOS if it is not needed.

  • What happens when the timer alarm goes off?

    When the emergency alarm goes off, your app goes into SOS mode. In this situation your PROtectors are immediately notified that you need help. You can cancel an SOS at any time by tapping the “I’m OK” button in the app. When you cancel an SOS, a photo is taken and sent to your PROtectors so that they know that you’re OK.

  • Why is there a 15-second delay before the SOS is triggered?

    If you need some extra time to end the SOS — perhaps your phone is buried in your purse, or perhaps you’re driving when the alarm goes off — the 15-second delayed alert gives you time to do so to avoid false alarms going out to your circle.

  • How do I access the HELP button?

    Once your event starts, a large “help” button shows in the centre of your screen. Tap it anytime to manually activate an SOS. A short countdown will display before the SOS is sent, allowing you a chance to cancel if it was done by mistake. If the countdown is not cancelled, a notification will be sent to your PROtectors.

About PROtectors

  • How do my PROtectors know when I need PROtection?

    If an event goes into SOS mode, your PROtectors will immediately be notified that you need help according to what circle they are in. Your Go-To (Circle 1) PROtectors are notified first, followed by your Back-up (Circle 2 ) ten minutes later, and then your Just-In-Case (Circle 3) ten minutes after that.

  • How many circles can I have?

    You can set up 3 circles. Circle 1 is your Go-To circle, and should be made up of your close friends and family. Circle 2 is your Back-Up circle, and should be people you trust to have your back. Circle 3 is your Just-in-Case circle, and is made up of all the rest of your confirmed PROtectors.

  • Can I alert my circle if I need help before the timer goes off?

    Yes, PROtect provides a HELP button that you can use anytime to alert your circle immediately in the event of an emergency.

  • How do I know my circle is available to back me up?

    Each person in your circle gets a text message inviting them to PROtect you in case an emergency occurs. They simply press a button to “accept” or “decline”. You will receive a notification in either case.  A minimum of one “accept” lets you go about your business worry-free.

  • How do my PROtectors know what to do?

    In case of an emergency, your PROtectors will be notified that you need their help. They will be sent a link to the PROtector Portal where they can check on your status, see your last known location on a map, and reach out to other PROtectors to coordinate assistance.

  • Do I have to invite PROtectors for each event?

    You invite PROtectors just once to be on call in case you need them. You’ll receive a reply text letting you know who’s got your back. Invite new ones anytime. When you set up a PROtected event you are able to view your selected circles and PROtectors.  Your PROtectors are ONLY notified in case of an emergency. We would hate to bother your trusted friends and family unless you truly need them. If an emergency is triggered and you resolve it, a message will go out to your PROtectors letting them know that you are OK.

When To Use PROtect

Let’s say you’re a realtor running an open house. You’re concerned about working alone so you set PROtect’s timer for the length of the open house. You assign a circle of three friends and family members to protect you during this event. Assuming all goes well, you will log out of the app when your timer alarm goes off. If you don’t log out after the second alarm, PROtect will send your circle a message asking them for help. If something should occur before your timer goes off and you need help immediately, you can hit the SOS button in the app.

Your son or daughter is going off to university on the other side of the country. You lie in bed and worry about their new friends and colleges. Walking home from class, parties until all hours of the night… Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you could be one of your sons or daughters PROtectors in case of an emergency? You may not know their new friends, but you can contact them directly through the PROtect system. The unique link allows PROtectors to communicate and access each other to help their loved one in distress.

Your 13 year old daughter walks to dance class from home on a weekly basis. You always ask her to phone when she arrives, but let’s face it, she gets busy chatting with her friends upon her arrival and forgets. This app allows parents to set the timer so your child must log off when they arrive safely, otherwise PROtect kicks in alerting mom and dad of your daughter’s whereabouts. Travelling in groups is the safest way to travel, but at PROtect we leverage technology to create a virtual group when travelling with your friends is not an option.

A young dentist is on call. He has to meet an emergency patient at his office on a Saturday evening. The office is closed. The appointment should only take an hour so the dentist is able to set his PROtect for one hour. Once the timer goes off, he has an option to extend of disable. In the case of an emergency his PROtectors will be alerted.

Selling pre-loved goods on Craig’s List has become increasingly popular. When you are expecting a stranger to come to your home or meet you for a pick up/ sale, using the PROtect App would be a wise decision. It will ensure your safety and allow your friends/family to feel secure knowing they have your back while you make (or save) a few bucks.

How about when you are expecting a trades person to come to your home. Whether you are the home owner, or the tradesperson, you never know what is waiting for you behind that door. PROtecting yourself is vital!

On line dating…or Tinder…be safe out there. Alert your Circle…It doesn’t have to be your mom you alert in this case. You can pick a friends circle to help keep you safe while you are out and about.